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About hitek™

In association with High Tower Industries, Reliant Group is able to create fine hitek™ internal plasters and quality paints that bring decorative finesse to your project.

In creating the hitek™ products, our Chief Chemist and factory personnel use only the finest of sands, marble dust and other additives to create our quality spray plaster materials. Our plaster products are non-toxic and are made with the finest in non- cementatious raw materials such as all natural marble powders and sands.

We cater to over three hundred and fifty clients all over the United Arab Emirates and our materials have been selected.

In addition, with the graciousness of the Iraqi diplomatic core government, we have been a privileged member of the Iraq rebuilding program and have provided them with the necessary internal spray plaster materials.

Our products include, but are not limited to:

  • Coarse – View
  • Medium – View
  • Fine – View
  • PVA Primer – View
  • Stucco Filler – View
  • Emulsions – View
  • Interior FenocoatView
  • Tex Primer – View
  • Multi Coat Finish (Texture Coat) – View
  • Acrylic Topcoat – View
  • Anti-Carbon Coat – View
  • Tile Clue
  • Tile Grout – View
  • Gyptek Compound – View

Request a quote of hitek™ internal plasters and quality paints today.